Frequently asked questions

My wife recently brought to my attention that among the daily emails we receive asking about the progress of the Post-Human series, there are sometimes messages from readers who are concerned that the series is over prematurely and that I’ve retired from writing. It’s an amazing, humbling thing to have thousands of readers who care enough to not only read the series, but who actually feel compelled to write to me to encourage me to keep going, to give the series a worthy conclusion, and to make sure the characters aren’t left in limbo any longer. For those readers, I have GREAT NEWS! I want to share it with you so that there is no longer any confusion, and so that you understand my master plan for the Post-Human series!

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Still have questions?

Q. Is there more books in the Post-Human Series?


First, I can’t emphasize this enough, the series isn’t finished! There are currently five books in the series that have been released, with the most recent being Inhuman (Book 5).

Q. Are you writing Book 6?

Book 6 is currently in production! I’ve written over 180k words for it (to put this into context, the first four books of the series varied between 45k and 65k words, and only Inhuman surpassed 100k). Supherhuman Book 6 is a MONSTER and will be the longest book in the series by far!

Q. How many books in the Post-Human Series?


There will be a Book 7! And there will also be other books that are related to the series, but that I won’t include directly in the timeline. These are stories that intertwine with the main narrative, but that aren’t directly about the main characters; however, they are just too compelling for me not to write! So there is a lot of fun left to have in the Post-Human universe! It’s a well that never goes dry!

Q. What happened to the Post-Human scripts?

 There are Post-Human film scripts circulating through Hollywood! In February of 2016, I was in the final push to finish Book 6, but I was contacted by the largest management group in Hollywood, Management 360, about adapting the Post-Human series for film. After a few conversations, I wrote two scripts for them and delivered them by the end of March, 2016.

Q. What Happens now?

I needed more film experience! During my conversations with Management 360, it was explained to me that if the movies were to be adapted by a major production company and studio, that my voice (Author) would get smaller at each stage of the process, until eventually I’d likely have no say on the final product. At that time, that made sense to me, since my only experience in film was having made the Post-Human 5 minute proof-of-concept film.

Q. You directed a feature film?

I started making my own movie!!! While I understood what Management 360 was telling me, I also knew that I was living through an extremely special moment, when digital film technology had just reached the moment when 4k film was excellent enough and affordable enough for me to write, direct, and executive produce my own film. After finishing the two Post-Human adaption scripts, I wrote a third script for myself, and by early May 2016, we were filming!

Q. What's your new movie called?

My movie is called Dangerous to Know, it’s a psychological thriller with a horror component, it’s a “grown up” movie, and I’ve completed filming it! I didn’t try to make a science fiction film because the VFX were the one area where the software and the hardware weren’t affordable enough to make a film worthy of the series on the budget I had. However, I knew I could make a movie that was grounded in the present (though it does have a shocking amount of “invisible” digital effects).

Q. How's the movie?

The movie is good! I can’t wait for you to see it! In late October of 2017, Jenny and I shared a trailer with the head of digital marketing for our first choice Hollywood production company, and his response was that it was “awesome,” that it looked like “millions” had been spent on it, and that it had a “very professional” feel. We were thrilled!

We’re still in post-production on Dangerous to Know. As I write this in March 2018, the film is nearly visually ready. My wife and I literally filmed the movie alone (no additional crew) and are now doing post-production alone, which means editing, color grading, sound design, and music scoring. It’s a monumental undertaking, but it’ll be worth it! Again, I can’t wait for you to be stunned by the quality of the film!

In the Spring of 2016, the technology arrived! We embarked on this journey because we knew that, in the spring of 2016, the technology, imperfect as it was, was finally good enough for us to make a movie with just the two of us behind the lens, but where we didn’t have to write in excuses for the camera (like older films such as Paranormal Activity, which was made on a similar budget, but before affordable cameras could match the high end cameras used on Hollywood productions.) As a result, we have a movie that looks better than most, but that costs a tiny fraction to film.

Q. Why did you make Dangerous to Know?

Making Dangerous to Know is the first step in building a major production company! We expect Dangerous to Know to be a commercial success, and there are two more films planned in what will be a “Dangerous” trilogy. The profits from each movie will be put towards the next, and by the end of the trilogy, we expect to have a major film production company.

Dangerous to Know will lead to Post-Human films! When we finish the Dangerous trilogy, the technology for making the VFX necessary to make a no compromise film adaption of the Post-Human series will have improved, and we’ll have the much larger budget necessary to bring a worthy film into being!

We’ll make seven big budget, Post-Human films! Each film’s success will determine the budget of the next film in the series! This is how George Lucas brought Star Wars into being, and this is how we’ll bring Post-Human into being!

Q. When will all of these projects come out?

Superhuman Book 6 will arrive! And it’s a MONSTER! But don’t worry! You won’t have to wait decades for the end of the Post-Human series! When I finish post-production on Dangerous to Know in the coming months, I’ll also finish Book 6 and release it! This will happen in 2019!

There will be a Book 7 soon too! I will also finish Book 7 in the Post-Human series (the story is already outlined, and I know how the series ends).

Q. Will there be a Dangerous to Know novel?

There will also be “Dangerous” novels to help support and promote my upcoming films!

Conclusion: I haven’t retired! I’m incredibly busy, but also being incredibly productive! I have a plan, I’m executing the plan, and it’s going even better than I expected! We’ll get the Post-Human films we deserve come hell or high water! NOTHING WILL STOP ME! Thank you so much for supporting me through this and making it all possible! By reading Post-Human, and doing so with so much passion, you’ve already made so many of my dreams come true, and you’re going to help me make our shared dream of not only finishing the science fiction novel series of my dreams a completed reality, but also of making the best science fiction film series of all time (at least until the technological singularity comes along!) You are AMAZING!